ANNA LEA JANCEWICZ + [m]otherhood.

The mothers in Anna Lea Jancewicz’s debut collection of short stories are awkward women with desperate urges, struggling with their failing domestications and profound disconnections. They have foul mouths, open legs, violent impulses, and they navigate a warped version of our mundane world in which anything can happen. They are irreal housewives who have shocking answers to the perennial question, “But what do you do all day?”

Oh, god, FINALLY, someone has written something frank and funny and clever and oddball and just insanely FUN about being a mother and woman in the world today. I held my breath going in, expecting great seriousness — the usual motherhood treatment — and lost it quickly in a great burst of laughter and relief. Readers owe Anna Lea Jancewicz a huge thank you for writing such delightful and sympathetically wicked stories. + AMBER SPARKS +

Anna Lea Jancewicz’s [m]otherhood is both funny and disturbing—and never funnier than when at its most disturbing. Story after story, Jancewicz reminds me how strange the family unit can be, and how it’s in the particulars of our strangeness—and in our inability to hide those strange particulars—that our truest humanity can be found. + MATT BELL + 

[m]otherhood is rich in mysticism and magic, with the bones of the ordinary and known providing the perfect framework for mothers who would sell their souls to Satan if only their babies will latch. + ANI KING +

$28 + ISBN 978-0998403762.
SEASON TWO + 2018.
$14.95 + ISBN 978-0998403779.
SEASON TWO + 2018.