Widow + Orphan House is a family-run micropress based in Portland, Oregon committed to publishing new work by both established and emerging authors, as well as bringing back out-of-print titles from independent presses. Many incredible and essential works published by small presses have gone on to be republished by larger entities, but there are far too many small press titles produced in the United States which simply disappear.

In similar spirit to presses like Dalkey Archive and Pharos Editions before us, we deeply believe art is neither destructible nor disposable; nor are those who would make it; nor are those invested in/instrumental to the processes that help bring it into the world; nor are those moved and affected by experiencing and finding solace in it.

At W+O, any such notion in regards to art, makers, designers, editors, publishers and audiences doesn’t sit well with us.

At W+O, we consider any such notion as fundamentally unacceptable.

At W+O, we deeply believe in the purpose and potential of art to example and express the purposes and potentials of everything, everywhere, and everyone.

At W+O, we believe publishing to not only be purposeful, but one of the highest forms of [re-] purposing there is.

And so we began our first publishing Season in 2017, bringing back to print five books of prose fiction by writers Lily Hoang, Lance Olsen, Ben Slotky, and Trevor Dodge.

And for our second publishing Season (2018), we focused our energy and resources on bringing out Anna Lea Jancewicz’s stunning debut collection of short stories, which is now available in both a hardcover as well as a trade paperback edition.

And now, in 2019, and this our third publishing Season, W+O brings you an exciting collection of new and selected poems by Kate Gray, featuring a powerful and substantial interview with Kate by former Oregon Poet Laureate Paulann Petersen.

We want to sincerely thank you for visiting us here, and even moreso for [re-]considering the artists we publish and the incredible work they have created. Please follow us on Twitter and Instagram, and feel free to drop us an email anytime.