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The simple act of a butterfly flapping its wings, and our journey begins... 

Widow + Orphan House is proud to reissue Lily Hoang's groundbreaking first novel here in a luxurious, brand new 10th anniversary edition with new chapters written exclusively for this very special release. Re-read this formative work by one of America's most inventive and exciting writers. Right here, right now, for the very first time. Again.

Lily Hoang's Parabola deploys a calculus of composition that always already approaches the absolute of...Or I was going to say something lie that, but this book exhausts the conceits of mathematics, physics, heavenly bodies, and the human heart. The story problems have all been proven; the figures figured. Parabola is a tour de form with force multiplied further. Elegant vision is the constant and ever-changing. And imaginary numbers are the least part of the imagination evident here, and everywhere, in this sublimely sublime book. +MICHAEL MARTONE+

Rarely does an author as fresh as Lily Hoang do so many things with such sophistication: a daring writer, an aesthetic high-wire walker who makes big issues her baton, balances the weight of literary and personal history-and all while wearing the future as her hat. In the midst of debates about where writing as an art form can go in this still nascent, post-everything new Millennium, Lily Hoang reveals one possibility: conceptually ambitious fiction woven from the lyrical language of longing. That is, Parabola is a novel of intersections--of Xs and Ys, of private and public paths. Coming to us from the crossroads of literature, Parabola also demonstrates how we don't have to choose between heart and head; anyone interested in traveling paths not-taken would do well to use this book as their compass. +STEVE TOMASULA+ 

A work of proportion, grace, tenderness, ferocity. The easy intelligence and genuine audacity of Lily Hoang's Parabola makes it a wonderful and disarming reading experience. +CAROLE MASO+

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